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Madeira, 1954

Justino's Verdellho

Distinctive hints of orange zest and sea salt streak across rich, butterscotch aromas in this intense and rewarding wine. Over 70 years of aging has created a hugely complex style, with a vast spectrum of flavours, from fresh lemon peel to rich caramel and ripe tropical fruit. Elegant and refined, this medium-dry madeira is a rare and intriguing treat. Serve lightly chilled.

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Real Vinicola, 1954

Vintage Port

This 1954 vintage port from Real Vinicola is a real rarity. The colour of barley sugar. A faint smell of caramel on the nose. Quite thick and sweet in the mouth. Lots of barley sugar, brown sugar and burnt toffee over the top of bitter orange. Very pleasant.

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Sherry, 1954

Harvey's Oloroso Sherry
Bottled in 1954 - Level Low Shoulder

This Oloroso sherry wine, was bottled in 1954. An intense sherry that is matured in an oxygen present environment. The resulting wines are fragrant and the best examples will display dried fruits, leather, polished wood and exotic spices. Oloroso shows nutty aromas (especially walnuts), combined with polished / balsamic notes, subtle dried fruits, toasted hints, tobacco and autumn aromas. There are noticeable spicy notes in older examples. Often also meaty hints, truffle and leather.

Food & wine Pairing:
The classic pairing for an Oloroso would be red meat and game, but it will also be lovely with well-aged cheese.

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