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Sherry, 1954

Harvey's Oloroso Sherry
Bottled in 1950. Amotillado Old Bottled Sherry Extra Superior

This Amontillado sherry wine, was bottled in 1950. An intense sherry that is matured in an oxygen present environment. The resulting wines are fragrant and the best examples will display dried fruits, leather, polished wood and exotic spices. Oloroso shows nutty aromas (especially walnuts), combined with polished / balsamic notes, subtle dried fruits, toasted hints, tobacco and autumn aromas. There are noticeable spicy notes in older examples. Often also meaty hints, truffle and leather.

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Armagnac - Sempe , 1954

Armagnac (Comes in its own box as illustrated)

This is an amazing armagnac. There is a marked alcoholic bouquet. The flavour profile is very broad with significant overtones. There are hints of orange and chocolate. The liquor is very smooth and refined.

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Harveys Port , 1954

Vintage Port (plain label with embossed capsule)
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A rare vintage. Beautiful mature amber in colour. Number of tastings, Complex and lovely bouquet. Toffee, cream candy, crème.

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